6 Best Things to Do in Bogota, Colombia (2023)

Bogota is a big, nasty city. This is what they may have said, or so it seemed. Some travelers advised us to avoid Bogota. The Bogota I saw was a city rich in history, tradition, and the beauty of ordinary life. Bogota has some of the characteristics of a large, crowded metropolis, but it also has a softer side. Whether you’re on a quick transit stop or your first stop on a longer vacation across the region. Colombia’s capital city is well worth a visit.

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When I initially arrive in a new location, my impulse is to go somewhere high up to obtain a good view and orient myself. Monserrate, the city’s highest peak, is the ideal place in Bogota for a city perspective. Cerro de Monserrate (Monserrate Hill) rises 3,152 meters above sea level above the city. A comprehensive panorama is not feasible, trust it or not – there are several sections of Bogota. That cannot be from Monserrate due to the city’s size. The best method to see Monserrate is to take the funicular up (the last compartment has the best views). 


Visiting Monserrate for the city vistas is worthwhile. You must visit the 17th-century Monserrate Sanctuary before descending the slope. The unadorned interior of the church matches its all-white façade. The church may be in 15 to 20 minutes. You might get lucky and end up seated next to an assortment of modern-day pilgrims such as we did. It provided quite the show.


I was anticipating the Gold Museum (Museo del Oro) to focus on Colombia’s colonial history. Having grown up surrounded by the Gold Rush story, the so-called New World want gold, glory, and the Creator. If you wish to learn more about this fascinating era in Colombian history. The Gold Museum is the place to go. Have you ever been upon the Muisca? You aren’t unique in this situation. It should have given them the names Zapotecs, Mayans, and Aztecs, but it did not.


The Gold Museum is on the outskirts of La Candelaria, Bogota’s oldest neighborhood. After walking around the lit museum exhibits, the bright sunlight of sunlight is somewhat of a shock. But believe me when I say that this is one aspect of Bogota you do not want to miss. The only way to explore the La Candelaria neighborhood is on foot. The next few attractions on this list of must-sees in Bogota are in the La Candelaria neighborhood.


One of the most pleasant things to do in Bogotá is to stroll down the little Callejón Embudo street. It encapsulates Bogota’s blend of ancient elegance and contemporary metropolis culture. It has a grungy vibe and is located in the city’s oldest quarter. Because of the enough hostels, this is a popular neighborhood for backpackers to stay in Bogotá. 


In the very center of La Candelaria stands the Gabriel Garcia Marquez Cultural Complex. The structure was a gift from Mexico to honor Gabriel Garca Márquez. The Colombian-born writer is well-known throughout Latin America. And the world for his literary works. This is only one of many monuments to Garcia Márquez that can be throughout Colombia. In Bogota, ignore aside your usual worries about security. This is one area in the city where you’ll feel completely at ease.

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