Traveling from San Francisco to Lisbon

Many people associate San Francisco with cable cars and the Golden Gate Bridge. Loaves of Sourdough starter and seafood-slinging fishermen at Fisherman’s Wharf. Victorian places and steep hills; a legendary and turbulent past. Hippies, beatniks, jazz musicians, and immigrants from all over the world were among them. All of whom helped shape the city into what it is nowadays.

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Alcatraz Island has a significant historical significance in San Francisco. As a federal penitentiary from 1934 until 1963, housing Al Capone and Machine Gun Kelly. It then became the scene of a Native American civil rights campaign in the Golden Gate Recreation Area in 1972.


Golden Gate Park, with 1,017 acres, is one of the world’s largest public parks. Every visit to the park is unique, whether you wish to bike down JFK Drive or enjoy a picnic in the East Meadow. 


After many visits, Lisbon has grown into one of the greatest cities in the entirety of the globe. It is home to some of my favourites restaurants, cafes, pubs, alleys, and lanes, among other things. You are going to run out of exciting things to do here beforehand you run out of time.

So it stands to reason that my next part of 8 Things would focus on Lisbon, Portugal’s capital and largest city.  If you have plans to visit but are unsure what to do (believe me, I understand!) here is my list of the top things you must not miss:


My personal favourite way to see the city is by bike. It is faster than a walking tour while still being a kind of exercise! But, because Lisbon is a mountainous city. I propose either (A) an electric bike tour where you can pick how much you work or (B) a different method of transportation.


If you don’t like the notion of biking, another excellent choice is to take a tuk tuk. Tuk tuks are enjoyable since they are open-air, allowing for unimpeded vistas (excellent for photography!). They can be all across Lisbon. If you try to book one on the spot through someone who approaches you, it will cost you a small fortune. I have personally dealt with this. 


The final approach I offer is plain old walking! This Lisbon History, Narratives, and Culture tour. It is one of the most famous Get Your Guide experiences. It passes through some of my favourite neighbourhoods and looks beautiful! 

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More on Flying From San Francisco to Lisbon District

Why does San Francisco resemble Lisbon? Lisbon, in fact, is on the financial institutions with the Tagus River. It flows into the Atlantic Ocean. San Francisco, too, is covered by the bay of San Francisco, which flows to the Ocean of the Pacific. Because both cities are coastline, there are miles of beaches to enjoy!

San Francisco International Airport Parking

The cost of parking at San Francisco International Airport varies. Domestic Garage charges are $36 every 24-hour period and $2 each 15-minute period. International Garages A and G cost $36 for each 24-hour period and $2 per 15-minute period. Long-term parking costs $18 per 24 hours and $2 every 15 minutes.

Lisbon Airport

All international and domestic flights are at a single airport in Lisbon. Porto Airport in Porto, and Lisbon Portela Airport in Lisbon. Faro Airport (FAO) in the Algarve region are the primary international airport in Portugal. These airports are key entry points for foreign travellers. The red metro line or a night bus are the most convenient ways to get to Lisbon. Lisbon Portela Airport from the city centre, though cabs and shuttles are also available.

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