Safe Ship Moving Services Shares Strategies for Downsizing and Simplifying Before Relocating

Safe Ship Moving Services

For individuals relocating to a smaller apartment, elderly people interested in leading a minimalist way of life, and those aiming to form a cluttered place to improve mental health – downsizing is the best choice. As per the opinion of Safe Ship Moving Services, for everyone downsizing is important since the process lets the unused loads of things discarded while having fewer belongings streamlines the process of hunting through, arranging, and packing before relocating. So, for those considering downsizing keep reading to figure out how to simplify one’s life through downsizing.

Formulate a Downsizing Plan

To initiate a sensible downsizing process – the key is creating a well-thought-out plan. Here’s a guide that can work for every individual:

‍Start Early: Early initiation of the downsizing process once individuals decide to relocate makes sense. Because it offers ample time for systematic downsizing and thereby prevents one from the last-minute rush causing stress. Ideally, it should begin a minimum of 2-3 months before the date of moving. 

Visualize the New Space: Consider the floor plan and storage capacity of the new home. While sorting any furniture or fixture ask if the space is ample enough to accommodate it. And if gets accommodated, then how much space will be left? After all, no one wants to make a space jam-packed or affect the aesthetic of the space. Hence, think practically before choosing things to carry further. 

‍Formulate a Decluttering Schedule: It makes sense to handle each room at a time rather than sorting through the belongings of the entire home at once to avoid complexity and get overwhelmed. Also categorizing things in specific areas like kitchen appliances, garage tools, closet items, etc. will come in handy to organize things while deciding belongings to discard or keep. 

Classifying things separately will also make it easier for moving companies like Safe Ship Moving Services to pack things more easily and faster. Make sure to make an inventory of things to be carried, discarded, donated, or sold, and will go into the storage system. This will help keep track of things and identify anything misplaced or lost, especially during transition. 

Adopt a Sorting System: Grouping things into ‘keep’ ‘discard’ and ‘donate/sell’ will be a level-headed and honest approach to figuring out things that one likes to use further or wants to get rid of. This will not only lighten the load but also simplify the moving process. 

Consider Temporary Solutions: There might be many items that individuals cannot carry right away or feel unsure whether to retain or leave. Under such circumstances, consulting with moving companies like Safe Ship Moving Services can be helpful to opt for their temporary storage solutions to retain the things for future decisions of using or disposing of. 

Make a Plan to Discard the Unwanted Items

Once things are shorted to be discarded, donated, and sold off, make a plan about how to get rid of the things. 

Donate: Charity is a great endeavor allowing the deprived people of society to use the things that they cannot afford. In general, all local charities accept things like clothing, and shoes as well as other household items like mattresses, etc. that are in good condition

Consider a Yard Sale: What is trash to someone, often turns into treasure to other individuals. So, for those who possess lots of belongings and downsizing before relocating, considering a yard sale can help get some revenue from their trash. Equally, pass things of sentimental value to loved ones. 

Dispose of The Remaining: Dispose of the remaining things like worn-out furniture, shabby cutlery sets, glassware, etc. sticking to the rules of waste disposal.    

In a nutshell, as per Safe Ship Moving Services, downsizing is a great way to simplify a moving process. So, consider the above guidelines with diligence and optimize the objective of downsizing.  

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