Top 10 Female Youtubers In India

There are a lot of women in YouTube. But what makes a woman stand out from the rest is her personality and content. In this article, we’ll look at some of the Top 10 Female Youtubers In India.

It is no secret that India has many female YouTubers. But which ones are the most popular in the country? Let’s look at some of them. 

What makes them so popular? Check out this list to find out. Here are some of the best videos from female YouTubers in India. And be sure to subscribe to their channels! After all, they’re the future of Indian YouTube. And who better to start the revolution than a woman?

1.Nisha Madhulika: A well-known YouTube personality and Indian chef, Nisha Madhulika has an audience of millions. She is a food columnist for various websites and contributes to the Times of India and Amar Ujala. In addition to her videos, she also writes for several magazines and newspapers. Her expertise in cooking authentic Indian dishes has made her a favorite among Indians. Watch her videos and discover her secret recipe to cooking delicious Indian food!

The famous Indian cook has won many awards for her videos. In 2012, she was awarded the Recipe Queen of India award. In 2014, she was named the Top-Chef on YouTube. In 2017, she was recognized as the Best YouTube Cooking Content Creator. Her content is popular in India and abroad. She has over 10 million subscribers and receives over 18 million views a month. Her cooking videos are featured in many publications, including Times of India, Indian Express, and Amar Ujala.

As a successful YouTuber, Nisha Madhulika is renowned for her vegetarian Indian recipes. She has a background in science and was born in Noida, India. She is married to MS Gupta, a tech entrepreneur. She has two sons and has published a book on Indian vegan cooking. She also has a successful YouTube channel, and has become one of the most popular personalities on YouTube.

2.Kabita Singh: The YouTube channel of the popular Indian Cook, Kabita Singh, has over 4.6 million subscribers. Her videos feature delicious recipes that are simple to make and use ingredients that you can easily find around the house. She combines her love for cooking with her desire to inspire others through her videos. In her videos, she shares her tips for cooking Indian food. While it is not possible for every woman to be a food blogger, you can learn from her tips and tricks.

3.Shruti Arjun Anand: Shruti Arjun Anand is an Indian YouTube star and Instagram Influencer. Her videos range from makeup and skincare tips to lifestyle and fashion. She has over 7 million subscribers and is one of the top-rated YouTubers in India. Her videos can be watched by millions of people all over the world. In addition, she has a very popular fan base, with her first video going viral within days of release.

4.Vidya Iyar: Vidya Iyar is an Indian singer and youtuber who has become a sensation on the internet. She grew up in a middle-class family and enjoys tennis, reading, and dancing. However, her parents had a strained relationship and her father left her sister. The family moved to a poor neighborhood in India, where Vidya was not allowed to take music lessons. When she decided to pursue a career in music, she opened a YouTube channel and posted videos.

5.Pooja Luthra: If you want to learn more about Indian Youtuber Pooja Luthra, you should read the following article. This Youtuber has 700 million views and 6 million subscribers. Her channel was established in mid-June 2012 and she started posting videos about health tips. One video of hers about weight loss has received over 25 million views. If you want to learn how to lose weight like her, watch the video and then follow the steps outlined by the YouTuber.

6.Prajakta Koli: The Prajakta Koli youtuber is a popular Indian YouTube star. With a net worth of around $4 million, she has become a popular name in Indian television. She co-founded the e-commerce website Raktashop in 2014 and has appeared in several YouTube fan festivals. In December 2018, she recorded a national television commercial for WhatsApp which deals with the spread of fake news. In February, she was included in the Forbes’ list of 30 under 30, the Entrepreneur India’s list of women, and the Forbes 30 Under thirty. She also received numerous other awards for her work, including being named the Cosmopolitan YouTuber of the Year.

7.Shirley Setia: The singer and model, Shirley Setia, was born in Daman, India, and raised in Auckland, New Zealand. In 2016, she won Forbes Magazine’s “Bollywood’s Next Big Singing Star” competition, and since then, she has racked up millions of views on YouTube and 3.71 million supporters. She is the first female to win a YouTube challenge, and the winner reveals her impromptu music video in her pajamas!

8.Anisha Dixit: Anisha Dixit, a YouTube star, is a married woman with two kids. She started her YouTube channel in 2013. Her first video was published on 21 November of that year, and has 3.5 million subscribers. While her husband is not an official member of the YouTube community, he has an active Twitter account. The couple’s first child was born in December 2016. Anisha’s YouTube channel is still under development.

9.Trisha: You might have heard of the YouTuber Trisha Horietako, but how did you know that she’s pregnant? In the early days of her YouTube channel, she was a stripper. She later signed up for minor modeling jobs and even foreign commercials, and she eventually made her television debut on the ‘Greg Behrendt Show.’ In 2006, she competed on the second season of the reality show ‘Who wants to be a Superhero?’ In 2007, she won the third season and contested in the series’ finals. In late 2008, she filmed her first Vlogs and started posting them on the internet. In her first few videos, she compared herself to Quentin Tarantino, made short sketches, and incorporated her vlogs with short sketches.

10.Sonali Bhadauria: The YouTube channel of Sonali Bhadauria is a popular channel for dancers who want to learn Bollywood dancing. She has more than 1.2 million subscribers and more than a hundred million YouTube views. Her videos are rated “A” by her fans. She hopes to continue performing on YouTube and spread her art around the world. Here is a look at the story of her YouTube channel.

The name Sonali Bhadauria was influenced by her love for Bollywood. She grew up in Pune, Maharashtra. In her teenage years, she was an active member of the Infosys dance club. She later joined other YouTube artists, like Matt Steffanina and Nivedita, and began to post her videos online. The success of her videos soon earned her more than 1.6 million YouTube subscribers.

After graduating from college, Sonali Bhadauria was a software engineer for four years. She began uploading videos of herself dancing in her pajamas. Her first video was a romantic number – “Raabta”. She later branched out into choreography and became famous for her choreography sequences in Bollywood songs. In 2018, she returned to her hometown of Mumbai to conduct dance workshops.

A passionate dancer, Sonali was able to combine her love for Bollywood with her love for dancing. She began copying dance moves from Bollywood movies and TV shows while working at Infosys. She is one of the Hottest Female Youtubers in india.  In 2016, she decided to start her own YouTube channel, where she shares her dance videos with fans. At the time, she was still employed at Infosys. The first video she uploaded on YouTube was a couple’s dance to the song, “Raabta.”

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