Spice Up Your Love Life – Top Six Dating Apps for 2022

According to research, about forty-four million people enjoyed online dating in 2021, making it the ‘top-most’choice for people to meet their partners. Interestingly, the pandemic offered us plenty of extra time to explore dating apps while quarantining last year – all thanks to COVID-19.

However, even though the online dating trend has become pretty common for most of us, still it can be overwhelmingin the beginning, especially if you aren’t sure about which app to download. Usually, what most of us do not understand is that dating apps are also divided into different categories as per their uses.

For example, some of them have been specifically designed for short-term relationships or flings, whereas others encourage the users to get into serious relationships or get to know each other before hanging out, etc.So, in short, whether you are wanting to head down the aisle or looking for a hot fling partner, the online dating platform has a service suited for you.

In this article, we have rounded up the best dating apps to spice up your love life, so that you do not have to worry about finding your perfect match—whether that isonly for a night, or forever.

1. Tinder (Android; iOS)

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that Tinder has been the most popular dating app to date. It allows the users to create a detailed profile along with their pictures, interests, and biodata so that they can hit on singles in their area.

The majority of the users find Tinder pretty easy to use. The app features a simple design. For instance, if you like any picture, you can swipe it to the right, otherwise, just let it go and swipe to the left. If both parties swipe on their right, it means that they can set something up and talk to each other.

The app also offers a Gold membership or Paid Plus version that allows you to enjoy premium likes, rewinds, etc. Recently, Tinder has launched its in-app video calling facility that lets the users enjoy a video call with the other person, without revealing personal details.

However, as the app works via the internet, you need to ensure being connected to a high-speed internet connection before getting your hands on it. For your convenience, you can always opt for reliable internet connections like Grande Internet which supports 24/7 speedy downloading, browsing, streaming, etc.

Apart from this, Grande Internet also offers incredibly affordable internet packages to all its users, starting from $35.99 only per month. How cool is that?

2. Bumble (Android; iOS)

According to Apple, Bumble is one of the ‘top’ iOS apps for 2021 – it has users from all around the world. However, the app is accessible on Android phones too.

Bumble allows you to schedule dates with your partners, make new friends and chill out with random strangers. The most interesting part is that only women are allowed to make the ‘first move’ after two parties come in contact. After that, you get 24 hours to connect with her, otherwise, you lose the connection forever!

The same goes for same-sex relations too. No matter who makes the first move, you always get 24 hours to connect with the other person. If you do not interact within those hours, you end up losing the profile forever. But, the good part is that the app provides a 24-hour extension as well before the contact disappears.

Bumble also offers exclusive services to people that are looking to make friends or business contacts only. With the Bumble Boost upgrade, it becomes easier and faster for you to interact with new people at affordable rates – from $2.99 to $8.99.

3. OkCupid (Android; iOS)

OkCupid is especially famous for its straightforward, modern dating tools and massive userbase. The most interesting part is that the app features different flavors in dating. For example, the users are divided into different categories like Beard Lovers, Kinky Nerds,World Travelers, etc. It helps the users to directly reach out to their potential matches without much hassle.

OkCupid also features a variety of personality quizzes, messaging tools, Instagram integration, and many other fun things to keep the users amused. If you subscribe to its premium version, you will get to enjoy even more tools like refined search options, and viewing the users who like you.

4. Match.com (Android; iOS)

Match.com allows users to create their online profiles, upload images and share their interests with random people on the app. The users can engage in convo with the other person by sending “winks” as a sign of online flirting. Once you update your info, the app keeps recommending your potential matches each day.

Although the app is free, it offers a premium subscription as well which allows you to see your profile views, pictures likes, etc. Match.com is frequently updated by the developers on regular basis. It gets regular add-ons of even more modern features like Android Wear, Tinder-like Mixer, Apple Watch integration, etc. It also allows the addition of video snippets and voice to your profile. With its exclusive Vibe Check feature, you can even enjoy video calling with your matches.

Just like Tinder, Match also offers a safety feature to send alerts to friends, just in case you feel insecure or unsafe on a date. Interestingly, the app also allows you to add your political beliefs on your profile so that you only meet people that share the same political views as you (you can also ignore the feature if you feel that opposites attract).

In A Nutshell

That’s pretty much it from our sides. We hope you enjoyed reading about the best dating apps for 2022. Up till now, we are pretty much sure that you have plenty of dating options to spice up your love game this year.

If you wish to level up your dating game a bit more, then you can even consider using multiple apps at the same time.

Lastly, before you get your hands on any app, do not forget to connect to a high-speed, reliable internet connection so that your downloading doesn’t take much time.As mentioned earlier, Grande internet can be your best bet in this case. If you wish to find out more about Grande’s latest internet deals and packages, then do check out BuyTVInternetPhone. It has all the relevant details regarding Grande’s different internet, TV and telephone plans.

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