8 Tips to Choose a Perfect Bridal Bag

On any wedding day, you must have some important things on your bucket list. Your makeup kit, hair brush, tissues, and phone are a must to carry on. But many people forget that they have to carry themselves also and with very decency. Dresses, shoes and your accessories matter a lot on any wedding day. These things can either uplift your impression or ruin it totally. 

Bridal bags are one of these important accessories. In general, women are careful about their attire. But still, we need to give bridal bags the value that they deserve. It carries all your needy accessories mentioned above and it looks good on you. Remember that any accessories that you carry should fulfil the purpose of making you attractive and one of a kind. So if you are also in search of a bridal bag that can both carry your stuff and give you an exceptional look, here are a few tips that you can apply when buying a bridal bag. 

Tips before Buying a Bridal Bag: 

1.    Your bridal bag may not match your dress: 

Women have a major misconception that everything they wear at a wedding must match each other. It is wrong or it is maybe outdated now. In the case of your bridal bag, you can allow yourself a little liberty to choose something that pops out of the box and something practical and comfortable. You must carry a bag that complements your style and give you an out-of-the-blue look. You can go for a chic bag that will match the dresses of the bride’s maid. 

A pop colour will give you a very different look. An out-of-the-box idea can do wonders in terms of style so don’t hesitate to wear something unique to your wedding. 

2.    Keep Your Overall Look Cohesive: 

It is true that you do not have to match each and everything with your dress but your target should be ongoing cohesive with your overall look. Find out that one bag that will complement your dress very well. Not the colour but the details and finishing should be matching with the dress you are going to wear on your wedding day. 

If your dress has silver embroidery look for something that would match this detailing. Designs are a good choice for this. 

A very common idea is that you should go for a purse in off-white and ivory colours. Similar States will carry a good combination. If you are going for something different, make sure the purse has similar features and detailing to your dress for a cohesive look. 

3.    Base Your Selection On Your Wedding Theme: 

Theme weddings are very common in today’s time. In such a case you should always choose accessories that would complement the theme of your wedding. Your bridal handbag is no exception at all. For different themes, you should have different types of bridal bags. 

For a vintage theme, a bridal bag with art deco detailing would be a great choice. Printed clutch or acrylic bridal bags are perfect for casual themes. If you are going for a traditional theme wedding try to carry a lace and beads bridal bag. Conversely, for modern-theme weddings, you can go for an unconventional colour palette and design to give you pop highlights. 

4.    Choose Size Wisely: 

If you are going to a wedding try to be as free as you can. Surely your bridal bag should be big enough to carry all your emergency touch-up kids and your accessories. It should be compact enough to not make your impression ugly. Too big and bulky bags create undesired attention towards you. 

Focus on being as comfortable as you can. Carry a very small compact-size bag that would be enough to carry an emergency kit. You can also go for another option in which you can carry all your makeup kits in another bag which you will keep in your car or in another place and you will carry our small compact bag for styling and completing your overall look.

5.    Shop with an Open Mind: 

Weddings are a very old tradition. Like all the other traditional functions, weddings also have the idea of keeping things simple and classic. But this thing must not keep your shopping limited to a few colours only. Many women prefer ivory and white and off-white colours before attending a wedding. You can go off that tradition. 

Keep your mind open and your fashion sense working while going for a bridal bag. Your bridal bag may not be the traditional one but it will surely give a very good pop highlight to your personality. You should choose a bag that will not only carry your own look but also give you an extra touch of style. 

6.    Reusability of the Bag: 

I understand that you are shopping for your wedding but would it not be a bonus if your bridal clutch bag will also compliment you on other occasions? You can choose an ornate clutch bag or a beautiful handbag of your choice are you can go for a simple compact bridal bag. Whatever it may be, you should consider it with the reusability factor too. Choose a balanced bridal bag that would enhance your beauty and your style even if you wear different clothes on different occasions. 

7.    Consider the Practicality of Your Bridal Bag: 

Whether you are going to a wedding or some modern function, considering the practicality of your bag is an important aspect of your style. A detachable sling chain bag would be great if you are going for a dance. This will help you wear the bag easily and even for yourself while dancing. Snake chain and rest straps bridal bags are good for attending any occasion. 

8.    Make Your Overall Look Uncluttered: 

Balance is what you need to find out in your style. The same goes for your own bridal look at any wedding. Too much traditional and too modern can make your style over-enhanced. You should go for a mix of style and detailing and class. For example, if your dress is a traditional one you can go for a detailed modern bag to balance the style. Vice-versa is also the same. A sleek and delegated bridal bag will do wonders with an ornate dress. Overall you need to make a balance in your style and balance will create awe in your aura. 


Weddings are a very important day in anyone’s life. On this occasion we want you to look the best. The bridal bag hands your beauty by a hundred times with just its presence. 

In this blog I have discussed 8 tips you should follow before buying a bridal bag. Follow them and choose the best one that would not only complement your look but also be your best comfortable bridal bag ever. 

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