5 Trendy Fireworks To Make Your Kid’s Party More Exciting

When it comes to celebrating a special day, such as new year, Independence Day, wedding day or even birthday, fireworks are a must-have. These have been popular for many years, and now any event feels incomplete without them. The Fireworks industry is manufacturing a wide variety of fireworks, and some of them are very trending nowadays for making your parties fun and memorable. In this article, we will take you through all these trending fireworks you can use in your kid’s party to make it more exciting.


Firecrackers are the most popular kind of fireworks for many years, and now these are easily available commercially. It has a variety of reasons for its popularity, and its loud noise during the explosion is one of them. You can find these in any local store near you that sells party stuff. Since firecrackers Manchester fireworks come under the F1 category, everyone can use it in their family gatherings and birthday parties. When it comes to making a selection, you will find hundreds of further types of firecrackers on the market. Some of the popular types of firecrackers include Black Cats, M-80 and ladyfingers. You can also find firecrackers string, the size of which ranges from as small as 12 to as long as 10,000. Firecrackers are easy to use and make a lot of noise, these are generally considered a good choice for celebrating birthday parties.

Coloured smoke bombs

For both kids and adults, no kind of firework is more exciting than a coloured smoke bomb. These have been trending for recent years for a variety of great ideas. Many smoke bombs don’t explode nor do they make a loud noise, but these are best for creating an amazing environment. However, several varieties are available on the market that explodes and releases a lot of coloured smoke. Kids tend to enjoy seeing coloured smoke a lot, and these are also a perfect tool for capturing some very cool shots. Since it is not easy to enjoy the coloured smoke bombs at night time, these are best used during day time to capture stunning photos. Some variants of smoke bombs are in the shape of a grenade while others are smoke balls. You can buy any colour you want. However, the amount of smoke depends on the size and type you are using.


Fountains are another most popular type of fireworks, which is relatively low in cost and safe to use in the birthday parties of your kids. So, if you are looking for more fun at a low cost, these fireworks are worth buying. You can easily find fountains in any local store, and it comes in a cone shape. You set it on the ground, and they release a lot of sparks when ignited. Some variants of fireworks are also manufactured to release coloured sparks, which makes the sight more amazing and attractive for kids. Fountains are designed to be safe, and as compared to other available fireworks in the market, they don’t make the sparks go as high as the ceiling. So, you can easily use fountains while celebrating your kid’s birthday party. These are popular for creating more sparks with less noise, which makes them non-thrilling.


Sparklers are known for being everyone’s favourite! These have been trending in the fireworks industry for quite some time, and everybody who likes fireworks will have used sparklers at some point. This type of firework is designed as a safe option for kids. Sparklers are long sticks that are easy to hold and gives off golden sparks when lit. Kids can easily hold them in hand as long as they know how to. However, you need to be with your kids while handling them sparklers as they can be extremely hot to touch.

Roman candles

Roman candles are long tubes with a string coming out. These candles shoot off colourful balls of light, which looks stunning. You can hear roman candles releasing balls that are crackling and exploding. Some adults tend to hold them in hand, but you should avoid handling roman candles to your kids as they can be dangerous to get hold of. Roman candles are an affordable and safe option that can make your kid’s birthday as exciting as you want.

Final words

When it comes to celebrating an event, nothing can beat the excitement of fireworks. Although fireworks are not considered fully safe, there are a few popular types that are affordable, safe and perfect for making kids birthday parties exciting.

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