Why We Visit To Bordeaux

Bordeaux is not just a city with same name as the famous French wine. With 350 historical buildings & monuments, a brand new wine experience center, dozens of museums and art galleries, and some of best food in all of France, it’s no wonder even the Parisians are leaving Paris for Bordeaux.

Please check here why we should visit Bordeaux on your next trip to France. Continue reading the blog to get even more tips.

What are the Reason to visit Bordeaux?

  1. Dedicated an Entire Museum to Wine.

La Cite du Vin, the world’s first wine museum, opened to much fanfare earlier this year. However, the museum is hardly the right word to describe it. The interactive wine experience is more fitting. The exhibits are interactive and engage anyone from the casual wine drinker to the wine lover.

  1. Europe’s Largest Sand Dune

Dune du Pilat is the largest dune in Europe. Its steep sand goes straight down to the Atlantic Ocean, and if you’re brave enough to run down it, you can find stretches of empty beach. Adventurers also won’t want to miss the opportunity to go parasailing off the top of Dune du Pilat. Book and Tap Air Portugal for comfortable travel.

  1. World’s Largest Reflecting Pool

The French were horrified that anyone would even consider walking on the 3,450 square meter artwork. That quickly went out the window, and the Miroir d’Eau became the most excellent place to be, especially on a hot summer day. There’s always something going on there, from the Sunday night salsa parties to any number of musicians putting on concerts.

  1. France’s Bicycle-Friendly City

Much of Bordeaux’s center is car-free and with the VCub bike-share. It is easy to grab a bicycle from one of the city’s many stations to explore. Or take a bike tour of Bordeaux’s sights for an active way to explore both banks of Bordeaux. The city has committed to leading the way for cycle tourism in France.

  1. Best Foodie City in the World

Bordeaux is best of both worlds with its proximity to the Atlantic Ocean & the Dordogne. France’s most famous oysters come from Arcachon Bay, just 30 miles from the city, and France’s best foie gras comes from the Aquitaine.

  1. Glorious Chocolate

Bayonne is the chocolate capital of France. But Bordeaux’s neighbor to the south is in the same region, and hundreds of chocolatiers have set up shop right here in the Port of the Moon. It all began with the colonists bringing cocoa beans back to Spain, but the bitter taste didn’t please many palates. Tap Portugal Airlines for booking your tickets for a comfortable journey.

  1. Longest and Tallest Vertical Lift Bridge

The bridge is the fifth bridge to cross the Garonne, connecting Bordeaux’s Left Bank with the Right Bank. At 575 meters long and 77 meters high, it’s the tallest and longest vertical lift bridge in Europe. It only lifts about 120 times each year to let the taller ships pass under, so if you catch it in action, it’s pretty special.

  1. Rue Saint Catherine

Rue Saint Catherine is Europe’s longest pedestrian shopping street at 1.2 kilometers. If you stand at the top at Place de la Comedie, you can marvel at how the road dips down before slightly ascending upward again when it reaches its end at Place de la Victoire.


Bordeaux is a global tourist destination for its architectural and cultural heritage, with many historic monuments. After Paris, the Bordeaux city with the most listed or registered monuments in France.

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