Face Mask Detection – What Should You Know

Since the outbreak of the Covid-19, there has been a serious health problem across the world. To contain the spread of this virus, the World Health Organisation (WHO) has imposed several guidelines. Maintaining a safe distance from others, wearing face masks, and adopting virtual work culture (work from home – WFH) are among them. 

Apart from these guidelines, the use of a face mask detector or face mask detection technology helps the authority or concerned personnel to know the number of people wearing a face mask properly, regulate social distance, and safeguard people from having Covid-19 infection. The use of several programming languages and software like Deep-Learning, Python, Tensor Flow, and Python facilitate the operation of this detection system. 

How a face mask detection system works

In general, face mask detection systems work with the support of deep learning and computer vision technologies. To use the system, a user needs to have the subscription of a face mask alert on his/her smartphone or allied electronic gadgets like a desktop, tablet, or laptop. Further, the user needs to add his/her personal camera link to the app. After the addition, the user needs to allow the app to send notifications or alerts when someone close to the operation area is not wearing a face mask. The user can send the received alerts or notifications to the administrator to take a requisite action.  

Key features of face mask detectors 

A face mask detector has multi-functional attributes due to the use of the latest technology like AI (artificial intelligence) and ML (machine learning). Here are some salient features of this system:

  • Automated alerts – This system can recognise the faces without facemasks and send notifications with visuals or SMS to the admin. 
  • Multi-channel recognition – The system has inbuilt features to work with the attachment of several cameras for the detection and recognition of faces without masks. Within a few minutes, there is computation of the entire process.   
  • No requirement of new hardware – The face mask detection system can efficiently and effectively work with the previously installed RTPS or CCTV cameras. It saves installation as well as maintenance costs.   

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Use cases 

Face mask detectors are extensively used at or the places with a lot of crowd to protect the people from Covid-19 infection. Out of many places, some crucial areas/spaces to use the face maks detection system are as follows:

  • Airports 
  • Bus stops/terminals 
  • Railway stations
  • Hospitals 
  • Offices, manufacturing units, and corporate houses with huge crowd  

Future of the face mask detection system 

The global market for face mask detection systems will have a remarkable growth in upcoming days due to the compulsion of face mask usage at public places. This growth will keep going on until the current pandemic gets turned into an endemic. The growth will see a rise of around 10.9% during 2021-2028. 


The use of face mask detection systems is highly beneficial, especially at public places at community centres and airports. It will safeguard people from having Covid-19 infection and maintaining social distance.      

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